The news letter is published once a month usually sometime around the time of the meeting, which is the third Thursday of every month. All news letters are in PDF format and are usually 1-2 MB in size. Comments and suggestions should be emailed to Bob Habkirk.

Current News Letter - April-May 2003 - 11Mb
News letter news flash! Readership at all time high! For the month of December 2002 the AmiCUE news letter was successfully downloaded 1074 times. This past December marks the first time readership has broken 1000 readers in a month. The number of downloads has been steadily increasing over the past year and now averages about 1000 downloads per month.
When this news letter was originally published, in July 2001, the readership rate was at about 40 to 50 hits per week. Now the rate is about 250 per week. This again demonstrates that the popularity of Amiga is growing.
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