New SIG for members to learn and develop web pages and sites. You can even contribute to the AMICUE sig as well. Learn about HTML tags, HTML editting, FTP tools, and HTML software tools. Also how to build graphics for web sites and more!!!

Specific meetings have not been discussed, but online chats, emails and physical meetings at regular AmiCUE meetings and Haps are the norm.

Bob Habkirk is putting up a dedicated AmiCUE Americas Army server. For those interested please email Bob and he can give you the IP address and the hours of operation.

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Request from your web master: If you have any content for the site like FAQ's etc... please email me and I'll post it on the site. Hint for EMail: if your going to use your AmiCUE.org email account to send messages outside of the domain then smtp.amicue.org will not work. Instead set your SMTP server to a different server. For instance since we are hosted by tera-byte try using smtp.tera-byte.com or if you have another smtp email use that.

Also I send out emails once a month to remind members of the upcoming monthly meet. If you are an AmiCUE member, but have not received this notification then email me.

I've written this site to be as W3C compliant as possible. Which means you do NOT have to spoof any browser to view it.

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