AmiCUE Members Walther Loffs BBQ 2004

Panoramic 280°


Should we start the fire yet?

Bob H.

Eric B.

Brian D.

Rob P.

with soda pop

Hey Makrocket over here!


Here's how to setup up

a tripod equitorially

As soon as the tarp

went up the clouds

went away

Only the cool guys are wearing shades and Aussie hats

I agree!

Time to get the fire going

Ack Cough Smoke!

Smoke? What smoke?

Easy way to split logs

is to put a blade

on a hydraulic ram

But I like to

split wood the

old fashion way

Let Brant have a wack

Erics turn

Go for it Les!

Time to relax

Good fire

Lets get some food going

Delicious homemade wine and beer

Toasty warm

Awesome pictures by Larry Bolch