Amiga One with AOS4 Demo at AmiCUE

Tell us a story Makrocket

The specs on the A1 are...

Craig the dues are due

First look AOS4 Workbench

Steve Solie talks about AOS4 changes

and about hardware specs.

Answers questions about MC68XXX compatibility

Opens a CLI shows some utils

First look at the Internet Prefs dialog

Using AWeb II to show cache AMUC page

Windows show available MUI icons

Partition editing and mount lists

Final Writer 97 demo. Yes it works!

More about threads

Your fearless webmaster looking on

Many classic Prefs and some new

Time Prefs note the + and - for scrolling

After a long hard meeting. BP time!

Good to see Craig Bowling and Eric Bowling out for a monthly meeting

We treated Steve out for all his effort and time we genuinely thank him